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I’m a U.S. citizen.  I therefore own the U.S. Government.  After reading the website:, I’ve come to realize that my ownership of the U.S. Government includes ownership of the money printing presses of the U.S. Government. 

As the owner of the money printing presses of the U.S. Government: I want godly and constitutional 0% interest-free money for myself instead of debt-interest money.  As explains:  It’s the passage of THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BANKING ACT that brings back President Lincoln’s way of banking with constitutional 0% money.

I’m expecting you to pass THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BANKING ACT before this next election of November 2016.  And just so you know, I’m only voting for candidates — be they Republican or Democrat — who are for THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN BANKING ACT  this 2016 election — and I’m getting all my family and friends to do the same.